Sabrina Dugan

Position: Both
Class: Freshmen
Major: Interior Design, minor in Urban and Regional Planning

Hometown: Melbourne, FL

About: Sabrina was a tri varsity high school athlete starting her sophomore year straight to the varsity teams( track and field decathlete, cross country, and crew).

Career: Rows in single, double, pair, four, eight making the Varsity team first year. Trained in a single by Coach Liz O’Leary the Harvard Head Coach and trained by Fiona Patterson the New Zealand Sculling gold medalist.

Head of the South 2018

Open Mixed 2x 1st place 19:23.4


Head of the Hooch 2018:

Womens 3V 8+ 7th 16:35.1

Womens LWT 4, 2nd place 17:42.1

Colliegete team points trophy


John Hunter 2019:

WJV 8+ C 3rd 7:46.2

WJV 4+ 3rd 8:35.7


FIRA 2019

WJV 8+ B 3rd 7:32.0

Overall Womens points trophy


SIRA 2019

W1x 3rd 8:40

Womens Team Points Trophy


Dadvails 2019

W1x 4th Place 8:25.4


ACRA 2019

WLWT 4, 2nd place 8:11.1

Womens team points trophy


Head of the Hooch 2019

W 1x 1st place 20:07.3

Favorite Memory about Crew: Being able to bond with my team after a big win.