Esteban Burgos-Herrara

Position: Starboard
Class: 4th year
Major: International Studies, Philosophy
Hometown: Weston
About: Esteban is a lightweight starboard rower and, like most of the team, joined his freshman year without any prior experience. He’s loved it ever since, and looks forward to just rowing on the water with his teammates after classes. He’s served numerous service positions on the team (including coordinating the annual Intra-novice-varsity fight). He hopes to go to graduate school after his fifth year at UF and begin a career in public service.
Career: Along with his teammates, he has earned Silver at John Hunter for the Men’s 4, Gold at the Rollin’s Invitational for the Men’s Novice 8, Bronze at John Hunter for the Men’s Lightweight 4, Gold at FIRA for the Men’s B 4, and everyone’s hearts for dealing with concessions for a year.
Favorite Memory about Crew: Probably when it snowed during a Saturday morning practice. I only had a cotton shirt and, being in a novice 8, I got splashed a lot. It was a perfect row but I never want to be cold again.