Our executive board and coaches have been diligently re-evaluating the reopening plan/how to proceed. Though we had months of planning and postponing practice, we can only know the theoretical works until actually demonstrated. We‘ve worked through countless ways of how to safely have practices. Ultimately, any scenario would lead to some kind of suspension as last Monday would not be the only positive case.


The health, safety, and wellbeing of our athletes and coaches are held as the utmost priority. Hosting practices in Gainesville’s current state would then be a hindrance. Therefore, official in-person practices for Fall 2020 are canceled. Concessions are also canceled this semester. Practices for Spring will be evaluated in December.


This was the hardest decision the executive board has had to make. We would love to encourage organized practices. But by doing so, we become facilitators and are putting athletes at risk. Though there is no in-person practice, it isn't over this semester. We will still be holding online/physically distant social events and adjustments to our online training. The workout challenge with the other schools is also still ongoing. For more information, please visit our Facebook page to keep up with distant social events and to still be a part of our team this season.