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Khoury Kennedy

Class: Senior

Year on Team: 4
Major: Telecommunication Production

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

About: I LOVE hikin, travlin, movie watchin, and music listenin. 

Career: Started rowing Spring 2018: gold in NOV 4 B boat at FIRA 2018, Silver in NOV 8 A boat at SIRA 2018, silver medal in NOV 8 A boat at ACRA 2018, Gold in 1V 8 boat at Hooch 2019, Bronze in Varsity 4 mixed at Hooch 2019, and 2 Golds at Hooch 2021.

Favorite Crew Memory: Running across the street from the hotel the night before Hooch to get Coca-cola cake at Cracker Barrel with Bailey and Mallory and enlightening Grace with the glory that is Coca-Cola cake.

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