Hannah Litwak

Position: Starboard

Class: 3rd Year

Major: Microbiology and Cell Science

Hometown: North Miami Beach, FL

About: I was on a bus in Australia when I wrote this bio.

Career: Hannah started rowing her freshman year (Fall 2016) after her mom handed her a postcard and told her to “just go to the meeting. Rowing could be cool.” She attended the interest meeting then the boathouse tour and the first day of practice and then just kept showing thing she knew, she had found her best friends and a team that will always have her back. Her novice year, Hannah managed to climb from the 3rd novice 8 to the 1st novice 8 as well as racing in the novice 4 at SIRA. However, she really thrived as 7 seat in the women’s 2V8 in spring 2018 when the boat had a killer season winning silver at John Hunter, gold at FIRA, and 4th place at SIRA! Currently spending the semester abroad at the University of Melbourne, Hannah is taking Fall semester off but is excited to rejoin the team in the Spring!

Favorite Memory About Crew: “At SIRA last year, the women’s 2V8 was coming off a win at FIRA and was determined to medal despite being in a mixed division/club category. That weekend we really bonded as a boat from guessing what our coxswain weighed during weigh-ins (an important bet to see which pair would get to drop out first after the race) to our Walmart run when we all bought character water bottles to take in the boat with us and to our viewing of Phantom of the Opera (which was sung while waiting for the race to start). While we just missed a medal, coming in 4th place, we were the top club team in the category. After our final race, we were sitting in the tent and a few other club teams in our category came up to us and gave us shirts. We were elated (as many of us had never received shirts before) and really felt that all of our hard work up to that point had paid off.”