Ashley Naidel

Name: Ashley Naidel

Position: Starboard/sculling

Class: Sophomore
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Sarasota,FL

I started rowing for a local club team (Sarasota Scullers) in the summer of 2011. From that first day on the water, I knew that this was the sport for me. Since then, I have grown a lot (both literally and figuratively) but I know that I am the person I am today in large part because of my involvement in rowing. I hope to go to medical school after I graduate from UF.
Career: Collegiate: ACRA National Champion in the Women’s 2x

                           Head of the Hooch- 1st in the WV8+ 2019

                           2nd in the WLW4+ 2018 and 2019

                           High School: Southeast Regional and FSRA State Champion                            WLW8+- 2018

                           2nd- WLW1x FSRA Sculling States-2018

                           3rd-WLW4+ Southeast Regional Championships 2017
Favorite Memory about Crew:

Rowing with my sister and best friends in high school, finding a community in college, and winning ACRA my freshman year