Founded in 1984 Florida Crew started off as just a small group of passionate athletes. Now we have almost 100 rowers, and four full teams: Novice Women, Novice Men, Varsity Women and Varsity Men. We have pushed ourselves onto the national spotlight and are a force to be reckoned with in the rowing world. 

Men's Varsity and Novice Coach

Education: Auburn University


Bethany Stennett

Bethany began her rowing career at Auburn University in 2007 as a true novice. She raced in varsity
boats by her second semester and quickly fell in love with the sport. As full varsity, she became stroke
seat of the women’s lightweight 4+, where she rowed for two years. During this time, she also became a
coxswain for the men’s varsity team and was elected to the office as treasurer of the club.


After she finished her undergraduate degree at Auburn in 2011, she moved to Jacksonville, Florida where
she completed a master’s degree. In Jacksonville, she joined the predominantly sweep oriented masters
Jacksonville Rowing Club where she began racing in masters events and learned the fundamentals of
sculling. In 2013, Bethany moved to Gainesville, Florida for a PhD program at UF. Bethany
soon became involved with Gainesville Area Rowing (GAR), where she gained an extensive amount of
sculling experience and still competes currently. In 2018, Bethany graduated with a PhD in Behavioral
Neuroscience and is now a post-doctoral fellow at UF.


When Bethany is not rowing or in a research lab, she can be found playing with her very large dogs or
hanging out with friends. Overall, Bethany has a total of 11 years experience rowing and has medalled in over
30 races. She loves to share her knowledge and experience of rowing with new and current rowers and is
excited to be part of the UF team.