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Our team is a club team here at the University of Florida.

This means that we do not have the same access to resources or funds such as division teams. 

While we are a club team, we have trained hard with dedication, patience, and a competitive spirit, and Florida Club Rowing has placed well in many regattas. 

Of course, the ability to continue on this positive trajectory does not come without costs. Rowing is an expensive sport, and to put it into perspective:

  • 1 rowing machine = $1000

  • 1 pair of oars = $500-1000 

  • 8 seat boat = $30,000+


Without the generosity of donors, we cannot keep up with the costs required to maintain and grow our fleet and team, as well as ensure accessibility to our sport. Your contribution will go towards new equipment purchases, boathouse improvement, traveling expenses, and the funding of our dedicated coaching staff.

All donations made through Givebutter starting at $50 will be listed on our website below!

Florida Club Rowing is a 501(c)(3), so donations made before Dec 31st are tax deductible!

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