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What time is practice?  Do I have to get up early in the morning?

Currently, varsity and novice men practice at 5:45am-7:15am Monday-Friday and varsity and novice women practice at 4:45pm-6:45 Monday through Friday. Take note of this while composing your class schedule! All teams practice Saturday mornings.

How soon does practice begin?  

Varsity practice begins the first week of the semester.  Novice practice will begin at the completion of the recruitment process, usually the second week of the semester.

Does the team hold try-outs?  

Not directly.  All UF students are encouraged to join; however, boat lineups will be made in a way which creates the most competitive program possible.

Does Florida give rowing scholarships?

No, the team cannot aid you financially or aid in the admission process.


What is required to join?  

Eligibility under the Department of Recreational Sports of the University of Florida.  All students enrolled at the University meet the requirements.

Do I need previous rowing experience?  

No.  New rowers will be rowing as novice and thus competing against other novice teams across the country.

Do I need to be in shape?  

While our training program will get you in shape, athleticism and the will to work hard are certainly required.


How do I join?  

Attend a new rower recruitment meeting at the beginning of the fall semester. You can also email us at

Is there anything I can do over the summer?

Yes! Build an aerobic base with long and low intensity cardiovascular exercises, like running, swimming, and cycling.

When is the rowing season?  

There are two rowing seasons:  Head racing season in fall and Sprint racing season in spring.  We will train nearly ten months out of the year to compete in both rowing seasons.

It is the middle of the semester, can I still join? 

Yes.  However you should contact a coach for more details on how to get on pace with practices.

Does the team charge dues?  

Not formally, but there are race fees and equipment costs to consider.


How much are race fees?  

Typically, in-state races cost under $25 and out-of-state races may cost around $100.  Fundraising will be done throughout the year to keep these costs low.

Is Florida Crew a member of US Rowing?


**Please note that Florida Crew is a club sport, therefore the University of Florida does not offer athletic scholarships to our athletes and our staff cannot aid you in gaining admission to the University. For information about the application and financial aid process at UF please visit