Executive Board

President: Jessica Huie

Vice President of Administration: Madelyn Kloske

Vice President of Operations: Mariel Williams

Treasurer: Grace Daigle

Secretary: Alyssa Caples

Director of Fundraiser: Youssef Thabet

Director of Travel: Austin Ham

Committee Chairs

Apparel Chairs

Paige Doherty

Britney Pierre

Elise Talbott


Elisa D'Ambrosia

Celeste Hall

Khoury Kennedy


Emma Barrett

Pemisin Bandy Toyo

Service Chairs

Chase Aitchison

Astrid Lim

Concessions Chair

Srikar Savaram

Recruitment Committee

Grace Daigle

Zachary Kerr

Anna Marchus

Elijah Rice

Michael Waite

Family and Alumni Chairs

Morgan Collins

Bre Jenkins

Kaycie Whitaker

Equipment Chairs

Zach Gerbi

Rachel Lucy

Hospitality Chair

Sabrina Dugan

Social Chairs

Tristian Hammoor

Maggie Heigl

Sophie Jacquemin

Martha-Grace McLean